Is this still on?

Yes, kind of. I’m planning to shift this over to a Python-based platform, though, so side quests like finding my dev setup with vim and learning testing, as well as exploring different alternatives. For Python, pelican and nikola come to mind, though learning Sphinx properly may have side benefits for PDF work as well.

Otherwise there are many non-Python options like jekyll, hugo, gatsby, punch which can be considered.

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Is this still on?

While I’d been persuaded for some time that tweeting is “enough” and I didn’t have to feel bad about not blogging here as often as I’d like, I think it’s probably the time of year when one seeks to begin afresh, so here’s another attempt to get the momentum going.

This will definitely take a while, as I will be shifting my blog onto DigitalOcean completely, since the previous providers I’d been with since 2003?5? have shut down. It’s a minor miracle that the site and the domain live on, to be honest.

Be back soon.

Merry Christmas, folks!

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Attacking football flows in triangles we must build

ST Forum letter: Good coach, marketing are what local football needs. Chan Siang Ming, July 27 2017

So I wanted to reply to this letter on the day it was published, but life got in the way. ST Forums have an exclusivity clause which expires if they don’t contact you after five working days, which I can safely say have passed, which means here is my reply, which hasn’t been substantively changed by the intervening SEA Games and friendly results:


I agree with Mr. Chan’s assertion (Good coach, marketing are what local football needs) that more needs to be done to promote local football. The fact that fans had to choose between Chelsea vs Bayern and Home United vs Warriors on the same night is a planning catastrophe that could have been avoided.

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More support, less hate, for Singapore Sports

I was recently reminded of my tweet in response to the @hellofrmSG on 9th August (at the time, it was someone else, not whoever you see in the card above, it changes every week) after our table-tennis loss in the Olympics.

There’s an imgur entry making the rounds on Facebook that looks like a damning comparison of how Singapore treats home-grown sporting talents. I’m not going to show it, but you’ve probably already seen it.

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don’t bash it until you’ve tried it

I’d heard about the new Bash subsystem in Windows before, and my reaction was the same as when I tweeted about a blog post detailing a step-by-step procedure.

(a reference to “embrace, extend, and extinguish” , in case you don’t already know that.)

I’ll update this post as I follow the blogged process… Continue reading

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Raising Singapore’s football standards

We had youth teams before. Not too long ago...

NFA U-16? vs Tanjong Pagar United. I don’t remember what youth tournament this was, probably the COE Challenge Cup.

So one of my Facebook friends shared this blog post on how to improve Singapore’s football standards written on June 27th 2015. I’d wanted to reply on July 1st 2015, but I clearly got distracted and left this as a draft for the longest time.

In case the writer, Darren C, still believes the same things, here are my responses: Keep the S.League; forget the ASL; and focus on the local first.

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Embedding subtitles in videos

A friend of mine asked on Facebook if it were possible to add subtitles into a video, and I felt VLC would be the best tool for this. But I didn’t know quite how it should be done. So I looked for a short video I had downloaded that would be nice to test this with, and tried it out… Continue reading

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MOU development goals: missed?

Nobody bothered or wanted to fix this

Since 2013: LionsXII are not the Young Lions are not the Courts Young Lions are not Singapore

When I first heard of the MOU signed by our FA and the Malaysian FA in 2011 in the name of development, I was a little cautious. Then I complained about our our fixation on the Malaysia Cup and how doing well there might not correspond with success on a greater stage.

Under their first head coach V. Sundramoorthy, the LionsXII won the Malaysian Super League (MSL) in 2013, and enjoyed successful runs in the Malaysia Cup. Their home stadium, Jalan Besar, was inhospitable for visiting teams, and the King George Stand — specially built for this club — sparked many a cheer thanks to the likes of the raucous ExcluSinga.

While the LionsXII grew from strength to strength, the Singapore side notched their names on the AFF Suzuki Cup for a record fourth time, beating Thailand 3-2 on aggregate in the final. It would be a fitting farewell to the then national coach Radojko Avramovic.

So maybe I was proven wrong. So maybe the LionsXII weren’t such a bad thing after all? (Never mind that when V. Sundramoorthy took over as caretaker national coach, we lost comprehensively to Jordan.) Continue reading

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Just realised my last post was at the beginning of the season with Cottbus 3-1 win at Osnabrück.

Now VfL have thrown away a 2-0 lead at the start of the second phase to gift Energie Cottbus a 2-2 draw, and the year is almost over.

Time is running out if I’m to put something up at Interspeech 2015, Dresden… 20 March 2015 is the deadline. Just reminding myself out here. And given that the bulk of January will be gone, time is indeed tight.

Tick tock.

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Cottbus sweep Osnabrueck aside 3-1

Had some help from Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung and Tanzania (oddly enough) as I wrote this practice piece for VfL’s opening-day home loss to Energie Cottbus. Comments always appreciated. Continue reading

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