Kheng Hui here, wearer of many hats. I like to think they give me different perspectives on things, but sometimes it causes my head to overheat, and that is bad. Except in winter. But mostly I try to wear as few as I can concurrently.

I enjoyed my time with the SSAG. Because I’m a big fan of studying in Germany and I want to help my fellow Singaporeans realise that there is life outside of Singapore, US, UK, Australia and New Zealand, I’ll be working on something again when I get back… And the language barrier isn’t really that much of a bad thing. In some ways it makes you think more, when you have to communicate with other people who don’t speak your language. But I digress.

As of now, I have a desk at the NLU group in I²R thanks in part to my M.Sc. in Cognitive Science. This still isn’t something that I’m particularly familiar with, having done my first degree in Computer Engineering at NUS with the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. But the two years was a good introduction to the fascinating and interdisciplinary field of Cognitive Science.

Then there’s this almost-forgotten, much-maligned entity called local football that I happen to really, really like. No, I don’t work for the FAS directly, but I’m a freelance writer for footballopod.com and have been a big fan of the Singapore team since the early 90s, thanks to my experiences at the National Stadium watching the Lions light up the M-League and Malaysia Cup back in the day. (No, I am not 100% behind the LionsXII.)

Football is my favourite sport, but really, I like pretty much every sport. Hey, I even try to understand that thing Americans call “football”, sometimes. Now that, to me, is an excuse for gratuitous violence. It’s even worse than professional wrestling, which I actually happen to like. Though I don’t really get to watch it any more, due to certain vagaries of cable packages and broadcast deals.

You might have noticed also that I like rambling, and this may be a side effect of my interest in taking long walks through man-made and natural landscapes alike, with only my thoughts for company, or observing the people/animals/plants around me. Or maybe that’s just an excuse.

I’m usually a better listener though, which might just be an euphemism for “I don’t like to talk too much” but you can take it either way you want. I think communication only takes place when both sides are ready and participating, one-way broadcasts can only take things so far.

Another hat I like to wear is computer/tech geek. I’m a big fan of open source and not only do I promote it, I actually enjoy using it as well. Tinkering with code and hardware are things that I find really cool, though admittedly I do these a lot less than I could be. Somehow, the laziness and stuff sets in, but when something’s got me interested, most other things go out the window. 😀

Then there is photography, writing, reading, and a whole slew of other activities I am trying to get better at. We’ll just have to see where what leads, as is the case with uncertain paths.

However: here is a certain path for you!

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  1. Shihan says:

    Your googlemaps for elections.
    What do you plan to do with it? Email me and we talk? 🙂

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