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Is this still on?

While I’d been persuaded for some time that tweeting is “enough” and I didn’t have to feel bad about not blogging here as often as I’d like, I think it’s probably the time of year when one seeks to begin … Continue reading

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don’t bash it until you’ve tried it

I’d heard about the new Bash subsystem in Windows before, and my reaction was the same as when I tweeted about a blog post detailing a step-by-step procedure. Embracing complete. Beginning extension… — KH Yeo (@icedwater) August 7, 2016 (a … Continue reading

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Just realised my last post was at the beginning of the season with Cottbus 3-1 win at Osnabrück. Now VfL have thrown away a 2-0 lead at the start of the second phase to gift Energie Cottbus a 2-2 draw, … Continue reading

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Cottbus sweep Osnabrueck aside 3-1

Had some help from Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung and Tanzania (oddly enough) as I wrote this practice piece for VfL’s opening-day home loss to Energie Cottbus. Comments always appreciated.

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Much-needed pit stop

It’s been a comfortable off day for me from ICT, probably enough of a recharge to get back to work in good form. There’s a lot of work waiting, and the range of projects approaching will be quite the challenge. … Continue reading

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We are all Anton Casey

To be honest, I didn’t really pay attention to the whole scandal till way after the “WANKER Special” photo made its rounds on Twitter. And then I maybe only looked at it once or twice or listened while people were … Continue reading

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Sports Desk 1, Singapore 0

SINGAPORE – Readers of the most respected English broadsheet on the island might have been forgiven for not knowing which country they were in had they begun reading it from the back page, which is the front page as far … Continue reading

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Bowling again

I went bowling with some other staff from I2R, my second time in two weeks and considerably more affordable than my solo trip to the West Coast Recreation Centre. This was to the SuperBowl in SAFRA Mt Faber. I enjoyed … Continue reading

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Poking away at the XLSX

Hope to be able to write my own filter that can handle Excel files in different programming languages. I will be updating information here as I find it (and have time to document…) As always, StackOverflow has already got something … Continue reading

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Provide Standard Information

So the very responsive NEA site has chosen to emphasise the 24-hour PSI values in the respective zones. You have to scroll all the way to the bottom to see the trends for 3-hour PSI. Is it really less relevant … Continue reading

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