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In index we trust

PSA: the NEA has reworked its PSI readings page again. It is now deeper in the site. So obviously there is a lot of discussion about the Pollutant Standard Index (PSI, not PSI Index please). It is, as some have … Continue reading

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Football and Linguistics

Who knew there was an intersection between two of my interests? …then again, was this really unexpected? A research group at the Universität Innsbruck focusing on multilingualism has done some work relating football and language, and this is definitely worth … Continue reading

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Just about 6 months in!

Oops, I let the dust gather here again. It’s time for another brief update…. I’m still settling into my new job at the HLT department in I²R – the Institute for Infocomm Research. Doing exciting things every day and getting … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

Yes, it’s almost two weeks in. But 2013 is still fairly new, and there is plenty more of it to go. Just over 50 of 52 weeks, to be sure. What’s up next for me? more football (S.League, LionsXII, Singapore) … Continue reading

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Wireless@SGx and NetworkManager

I’m using Debian Squeeze and NetworkManager 0.8.1. It works fine, contrary to earlier claims so it is definitely worth testing. It’s a very simple configuration process. Right-click the applet in your system tray. Select Edit Connections… Add a new network, … Continue reading

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Thesis Progress … and a general update.

*Edit: I’ve taken down the draft for the time being while I clarify some legal/administrative issues.. but will appreciate help proofreading, etc. I’ll send it to you if you ask for it. The page is still there, and the rest … Continue reading

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This damn post…

…is forever in moderation, so I decided to put it on my blog and link to it on the comments. @PAP Forever, here is my other post which will probably be forgotten by the time it’s approved (newer responses edited … Continue reading

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Contact Singapore not following “Singaporeans first”?

‘Contact Singapore’ or ‘Contact Foreign Talents’? is an interesting post on the revived Temasek Review calling out Contact Singapore as one of the “Govt agencies” which does not reflect a “Singaporeans first” policy that the PAP government has been touting. Why is it interesting? … Continue reading

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Ping me on pingbacks!

I was excited to see another pingback and a comment on one of my posts regarding the Marta v. Norway Women’s World Cup group D match. But it turns out it’s probably one of those automated news sites that took … Continue reading

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Thank you for travelling with Deutsche Bahn

I’m on the train again. This is written on the IC 149 to Hannover en route to Munich, where I will finally meet dear Michelle in person for the first time since late September last year. So looking forward to … Continue reading

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