Football and Linguistics

Who knew there was an intersection between two of my interests? …then again, was this really unexpected? A research group at the Universit├Ąt Innsbruck focusing on multilingualism has done some work relating football and language, and this is definitely worth a closer look.The e-mail that Eva Lavric sent to the LINGUIST mailing list advertised their online release of (and massive extension to) a bibliography of resources on Football and Language which brings the total collection of references to 100 pages, up from 20.

The online version is essentially the bachelor’s thesis of Erika Giorgianni under Dr. Lavric’s supervision, and documents works in several languages, among them English, Polish, Italian, Russian, Spanish and French.

Anyone who knows of a resource not yet included should feel free to suggest its addition to the list. As for me, I’ll add The Linguistics of Football to my reading list…

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