Learning about HTML5 and CSS3

Here I am at the HTML5/CSS3 workshop conducted as part of the @nushackers hackerschool series. It’s good to see a large turnout – about 30 students – led by @ejames_c through the creation of a simple website and getting a brief idea of the intricacies involved in web design (browser-exclusive tags, properties, inspectors).

Even better: he’s recommending resources like Sublime Text 2, 0to255 and the CSS3 box-shadow-generator which weren’t around in my time 😛 And the whole session is recorded for upload onto YouTube so you get to revise it if you need to.

Great job, Hackers. Keep on hacking!

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  1. Gaurav says:

    Oooh, sounds nice! And great to hear that LinuxNUS/NUSHackers is still going strong!

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