Learning Git and jQuery

The second part of the NUSHackers hackerschool workshop series was a 3-hour episode on jQuery and git led by Michael Yong, with a little teaser on the importance of using github at the end by Cedric.

After installing and setting up git on Windows and Mac (I already had mine from the Osna days) there was a little bit of tinkering with jQuery when we learned how to make things disappear and reappear.

Then we made revisions to the code which we put up on local git repos, and created github accounts so that we could push our stuff there.

All very interesting, and of course there were some more experienced users in the session wanted to know about merging conflicts and the like. This wasn’t covered till near the end, but I think it was fine since it would really have been too much for git newbies to take in in one day.

Good thing the material was stored online for future reference.

Cedric popped in at the end to add that github was used by software companies as a resumé supplement, to gauge a developer’s worth before hiring, so getting used to github would be a good idea. The practice is commonplace in Silicon Valley, but only just gaining ground here in Singapore, apparently.

All in all, the series was a comfortable introduction to these basic tools and I do hope people will come back for future episodes of hackerschool.

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