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Provide Standard Information

So the very responsive NEA site has chosen to emphasise the 24-hour PSI values in the respective zones. You have to scroll all the way to the bottom to see the trends for 3-hour PSI. Is it really less relevant … Continue reading

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Spot The Difference

EDIT: As expected, I didn’t receive any comments. No big deal, I’m still working on getting eyeballs 🙂 So, do look at the pictures below. What is your impression of the web presence (and perhaps the priorities) of the FAS … Continue reading

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[Voices] Support existing talent for a long-term boost

EDIT: View the published version. Thanks Today for keeping it pretty much intact. (I sent the below letter in yesterday after reading Shamir’s report about marquee players. Sorry Shamir, I wasn’t sure about convention for quoting names.) I read with considerable … Continue reading

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