Thesis Progress … and a general update.

*Edit: I’ve taken down the draft for the time being while I clarify some legal/administrative issues.. but will appreciate help proofreading, etc. I’ll send it to you if you ask for it. The page is still there, and the rest applies, but the draft will not be accessible until further notice.*

I’ve added a little page to my site where I will upload versions of my thesis draft as soon as I’ve decided I’ve made significant progress. Or if I feel enough time has passed since the last update. It’s kind of a motivation for myself too. Feel free to browse through my work, and leave your comments on the page!

I know this site has low readership, and Singaporeans are pretty bad at giving feedback anyway, it’s been trained out of us (listen to teacher hor! don’t talk in class!) but I’m hoping for some of you to help me out. So if you see me on Facebook, feel free to drop me a message asking about my thesis. I’ll either take the time to explain to you or be so annoyed by the 254th person asking me about my thesis that I’ll log off and work even harder on it.

In the meantime, I’m reviewing a software package for Slam6D as part of my lab rotation (Robotics), reading on the performances of liquid state machines for another lab rotation (Neuroinformatics), finding some time to clean up my Latent Semantic Analysis review for yet another lab rotation (Cognitive Psychology), reviewing the state of the art of Chinese character recognition for a fourth lab rotation (AI) and trying to destress with Hattrick, Facebook and Aardwolf in between. Oh, and jotting down ideas for writing projects as they come along. And keeping tabs on the S.League. And my adopted home team VfL Osnabrück.

In short, business as usual. Life lays ahead of me, and I’m going to grab it by the scruff of its neck (oh, I do wonder what has become of Ms. Woon.) and shake it hard! Looking forward to landing in Singapore already…

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