Tinkering with DLNA

So I tried to stream stuff on my Samsung SMART TV, which appeared to be easy for Windows Media Player 11 – my brother’s computer dumped all his stuff onto the network, he was kind of surprised about it – but as usual for Linux, needed a bit of work.

There were a few false starts with Google search (e.g. “linux stream smart tv”) but eventually I found out the protocol in use, DLNA, and made a more targeted attempt. That led me to this: http://zeldor.biz/2012/01/dlna-minidlna-on-debian/ which seemed decent, but then I thought … there should probably be something in the repos.

And true enough, apt-cache search dlna showed up rygel. A simple apt-get install later, I was able to play an MP4 on my television. But there was no playback control; that will probably be investigated at another time.

I’ll add on as I find things.

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